What we finance

We can help you with car finance for your next vehicle purchase, whatever vehicle that may be.

How do we stand apart for the other car loan companies? We won’t make you go online and fill out long-winded finance application forms. We know everyone is an individual and your situation is unique to you, so we prefer to talk with you in person. That way we get to know your situation and can tailor a car finance deal to suit you.

We have competitive finance rates starting at 6.95% and varying from there, depending on each client. We also have the ability to look after those who have had some credit problems in the past, such as ex-bankruptcy and those on a learner license with a work visa and seasonal employment.

Vehicle Warranties

We also offer vehicle warranties to cover you if anything accidentally happens to your car. Your car has literally thousands of moving parts combined with the latest in computer technology. With the complexity of today’s motor vehicles, one medium-size repair could easily cost more than the mechanical breakdown insurance premium!

We offer two types of mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI), designed to give you the best deal for your personal situation.

Payment Protection

There are all sorts of reasons you might want to borrow money. It could be for a new car, a boat, to consolidate debt or for a much-needed holiday. Even though repaying the loan is a significant medium or long-term commitment, it’s one you’ll have considered carefully and are ready for.

What you may not be so prepared for are the unforeseen events that life can deal us, such as accidents, illness, or involuntary unemployment, all of which bring pressure and uncertainty. Covering any loss of income and additional expenses these events may cause would be bad enough, without worrying about the burden of loan repayments as well.

Loan Repayment Insurance, sometimes referred to as Payment Protection Insurance or Commitment Cover, can be tailored to your insurance requirements to cover death, death and disablement or death, disablement and redundancy as well as bankruptcy. Depending on the type of insurance cover option you have selected, our loan protection insurance pays your loan repayments if you are unable to work due to injury or sickness or in the event that you become involuntarily unemployed. In the event of your death, life cover will repay your outstanding loan balance.

Guaranteed Asset Protection

Guaranteed Asset Protection, or GAP insurance as it is often referred to, is insurance against a shortfall that may occur in the event that your vehicle is stolen or written off and your Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance total loss claim pay-out, does not cover the loan balance outstanding on your vehicle finance agreement.

This shortfall can occur for a number of reasons, but is often due to the fact that a car’s market value declines faster, than the car finance on the vehicle is paid back, for the first few years of its life. This could potentially leave you with a shortfall of thousands of dollars.

With GAP insurance you can choose your level of shortfall cover to suit your needs. Plus automatically included in the policy is an additional benefit cover to reimburse you for any out of pocket expenses.

Full Mechanical Breakdown Insurance available on every vehicle.

We can arrange your finance for you without the hassle. With our friendly approach, we will work with you to find the best payment plan for your needs and we offer warranties, insurance and payment protection plans, so you’re fully covered in the event something unexpected happens.

What We Finance


We can help you into your next car, whether it is a small runabout for work, or something more out of the ordinary, let us help you get on the road. We are able to offer low and no deposit options with payments to suit your budget. Call us today for unbiased advice. We work with a large range of dealers and can help find the best car for your budget.


You might be looking at updating your tired old outboard motor, or maybe you’re looking for a new fishing boat for the summer. We can help. From a jet-ski to a 60-foot cruiser, we can help you finance your next purchase. We can offer low deposit and even NO deposit when it comes to your new boat. Give us a call and let’s talk. We deal with a large number of boat builders and sales yards in the BOP.


Tauranga Car Loans can get you onto your next bike – from 25cc to 2500cc. Are you a racing nut or do you prefer a slow cruiser? We have finance available from all the major brands to a wide variety of people. From Harleys to Suzukis, quad or dirt bikes, we look after the lot. Talk to us about financing a package deal for your bike and protective gear and keep everything simple.


We can help you finance your van or small truck to help your business grow. Talk to us today and let us remove the hassle out of the finance process.

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