Frequently asked questions 

What do I need to get finance and drive away today?
You can apply now over the phone. Depending on your profile, you can fill in an application today and drive away tomorrow. We just need a copy of your driver’s licence, proof of address, proof of income (30 day bank statement or last 2 payslips) before you drive away.
How do I get a bank statement for my final finance application?
Most banks send out a statement every month. If you no longer have your statement you can either go into your nearest branch or one of our staff will help you register for internet banking over the phone. In many cases we will require a 30-day bank statement for finance approval.
How do I find out how much is owing on my current loan?
You need to call your finance company and ask them for a settlement figure. This is a different amount to the balance and they will want a date for final payment. Allow one week for us to settle your loan.
What if I have had past credit problems - can I still apply?
In most cases we can help. Our finance and administration teams combined have had many years in the motor industry. If we can’t help probably nobody can!
What if I am self-employed or a sole trader - can I still get finance for a vehicle?
Yes you are able to apply but we will require 3 months of bank statements and GST returns, or in some cases a profit and loss breakdown from your accountant.
What if I have a learner or overseas licence, or no licence at all?
We are able to arrange finance for all types of licenses, though with a learners licence you may have to obtain your restricted license before the loan is paid out.
What if I still owe money on my car that I want to trade?
You can still trade your car with us we will pay the finance company back with the trade deal. In some cases you can even borrow more than the trade is worth.
What are the interest rates and what will my repayments be?
Every application is different. Rates and repayments vary on your individual details. The factors are based on age, drivers licence type, credit report, employment and stability. We will tailor a deal to suit you as best we can.

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